Voice Mail advance option for sendvoicemail=yes



I have configure the voice mail system correctly. But, I am facing one issue for composing the new voice mail for other extension from the advance option by pressing the 5. There is not composing voice mail is working. When I press the 5 and system asked me to enter the extension number, but it is not taking the extension number it is accepting the voice mail box number and after entering the voice mail box number it will return to the main menu without giving option to record the voice mail. Can any one let me know why this thing is happen.

I am using the Asterisk 1.6 version.

Thanks in Advance




David you have any solution for this above my query ?


Not done enough with voice mail to give a reliable answer.



This is the serious issue in Asterisk Voice Mail. Can you please let me know how can it will resolve. Might be this is the bug itself in asterisk code.

Any Asterisk expert please look this case and let me know how can resolve this things.




Try adding searchcontexts=yes in voicemail.conf

That fixed my similar problem.