Vitelity & Asterisk DTMF problem

I recently upgraded my asterisk server from 1.2 to 1.4.19, since the upgrade I’ve experienced a problem with vitelity. I have several DID’s coming from them. When I receive calls I have 2 problems: 1) if my sip.conf file has DTMF mode set to rfc2833, then I can receive DTMF tones from vitelity, but the party calling me, cannot recognize the send DTMF tones I generate back.
2) To the contrary, if i set my DTMF mode to inband, the calling party (vitelity far end) can hear my generated send DTMF tones, but my server does not seem to recognize the DTMF tones sent back from the vitelity end.

I have even set my relaxed DTMF to :yes…all to no avail. Anyone experience similar problem? or can offer assistance to correct this problem?

I thought of a few work arounds, however I need tones to be produced and recognized in both directions for my IVR stuff.

Thanks all