Videos (on installing and configuring asterisk). Quickie


I hope I’m not posting on the wrong forum (I was wondering if I should post it on the Asterisk Doc. forum instead).

I’d like to share two videos that I just uploaded to YouTube, explaining how to install and configure asterisk. It’s a quickie installation and configuration, for the uninitiated, just enough to get up and running quickly. I also think this video can be a good companion to a booklet I wrote in 2006 titled: Telephony application development with Asterisk, Java, and SIP *).

Those videos are actually part of the video series I’m currently working on: IMS application development using SIP Servlet and VoiceXML **). However, I think they can still be useful even for those who are not into IMS, SIP Servlet, or VoiceXML.

Here’s the URL of the videos: … g-and.html

I realize I might have made some inaccurate descriptions / explanations in the video as I tried to simplify a couple of stuffs. But I hope they’re not harmful. Please feel free to leave comments and feedbacks, I’d appreciate them.


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*) … ation.html
**) … p-dev.html