Video recording using ARI


For a school project, I need to support video calls and conferences. The application needs to record the audio and video of the call.

Because of different choices we have chooses Asterisk and use the ARI to handle the business logic, for example the dialplans.

For starters, I wanted to record a call between 2 users. I managed to enable video and connect using soft phone clients. I tried to record audio and video. I managed to get a .wav file and play it, but no H264 file was created.

In the post SIP video recording - #7 by sum I saw MixMonitor doesn’t support Video recording, but a developer said that the Record function would be an option.
The user in this post H264 Recording says ‘I nicely get a File test.h264’. So it seems to be possible to record the video from a call.
And in this post Recording video, no such format - #7 by civicharles, someone also gets the Video file created

So my questions are:
Is it possible to record a video call in Asterisk between 2 users and save the file?
Is it possible to record a video call in Asterisk between multiple users and save the file?
If it is possible to record a video call, what do I need to do? (Config Asterisk)
And is it possible to start the recording through the Asterisk ARI?

Thank you in advance

There is no support for recording the video of 2 party calls or conference calls.

Thank you for your response.

So there is in the current version of Asterisk no way to record video or take pictures? Also, not for 1 user?

Aren’t there any modules or packages that can be used to capture video?

In the post Recording video, no such format - #7 by civicharles, the person who asked said he got a .H264 file. Which you replayed to saying it is raw frames. I thought it was possible to get those raw frames and maybe converting it with a tool like FFmpeg to useable files.

This let me to believe it was possible to get the something working with recording video, am I wrong or am I understanding something wrong?

You can record the video from a single channel using either the dialplan Record() application or (though I haven’t tried but should work) the /record route on a channel in ARI.

No, you can’t use that to record video from multiple channels at once, or while a channel is in a conference, or connected to another channel.

But you can, presumably, originate a channel running the Record application into a conference, as an additional party (which would mean two way calls would have to be implemented as conferences).

That wouldn’t record everyone in the conference, it’d just support a single party and if the SFU is in use it would receive no video at all due to the way the SFU works.

So it would be possible to record the video of a channel like a voicemail, because there’s nothing else connected to. And if a user is in a call with another user, it is not possible to record any side? Or would it still be possible to record 1 channel and have 1 side of the call?

And adding another channel, for recording, also doesn’t work.
Then would it be possible to create another service and connect it with the conference with SFU and record the incoming streams there? (An other server as client to record incoming streams, separate of Asterisk).

No, if a user is in a call with another user you can’t record any side.

If an outside service behaved as a normal SIP client then sure. Asterisk would just send multiple streams to it.

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