Version recommendations

I’m relatively new to Asterisk, but have been asked to head up a project that we are beginning. This is a product development effort (something that we will distribute to customers) that will have Asterisk at the core. Initially it will use basic SIP functionality of Asterisk with a connection to the AMI to pull data and submit a few commands to Asterisk. There is at least one “bug” that I have identified that will need to have fixed for phase I of the project, with some potential custom development required to be done in later phases. I did my initial testing on 1.4 and had good success, but in an effort to fix the “bug” (which was unsuccessful) I upgraded to 1.6. The AMI is much more complex in the newer version, and I don’t really need that. So, I’m looking for recommendations on the best version to get started with. From what I have read, 1.4 is much more stable, but 1.6 is where any further feature addition will be done. I guess that most of my questions revolve around the licensing. If we do “custom” work ourselves on the open source (and therefore are required to submit those back to the project), will we need to be on 1.6 to add features? If we have someone fix this bug in 1.4 for us, will that be able to be rolled into 1.6? Can do custom development of features on 1.4 and not submit those since 1.4 is not taking additional features? What would your recommend?

You don’t have to submit features you develop. All you have to do is ensure that anyone who directly or indirectly receives a binary you create can get the sources for at most the cost of making and supplying copies.

Obviously, if you get features accepted, it avoids the need to track a special version of the code.