Version for migration from Asterisk 13

Colleagues, tell me, please, which version of Asterisk is more reasonable to migrate to, 16 or 18?

For me, the most important thing is the compatibility of a large number of programs, routines and macros in the dialplan language. I’ve heard some colleagues talk about portability issues, in particular with the visibility of system variables.

Are there any materials about possible problems of porting configurations and programs for Asterisk 13 to versions 16 and 18?

Thanks in advance for the answers to my question,

Each version of Asterisk includes an UPGRADE.txt[1] document which specifies things to be aware of when upgrading. The lifetime of versions is also documented on the wiki[2]. For most people these days going from 13 to 16 or 18 is uneventful. It’s only if you’re potentially using obscure things or have modified things that you may have to make a change.

[1] asterisk/UPGRADE.txt at 18 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub
[2] Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

Also “system variables” aren’t a thing. There are channel variables and global variables, neither of which have changed in years.

I’m sorry, I put it in a general way.
I spoke with a colleague on a different, very urgent and important issue. But, among other things, I mentioned that I was going to migrate from version 13. And he answered me that he had big problems related to the fact that on new versions some variables were no longer visible from scripts.
This worried me greatly, but due to the situation, I could not question him in more detail.

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