V5.2 signalling

Hi dears .
I need Asterisk channel driver for v5.2 on dahdi/zaptel E1 interfaces.

Doesn’t exist, as far as I’m aware. We wrote GR-303 signaling support a decade ago. That’s the closest thing I can think of. It’s very likely that it no longer works.

Thank you for your answer.
V5.2,SS7,PRI is a Telecommunication protocol for connecting Access Network(ONU) to TDM Local Exchanges with E1. asterisk support ss7 and pri but no support V5.2?

There are a couple of different SS7 projects for Asterisk - libss7 and chan_ss7. I wasn’t aware that V5.2 was synonymous with SS7. Does it interoperate normally with ITU ISUP?

ok.It is preferable to add V5.2 project to one of Asterisk.

v5.2 Signaling >>>>> ITU-T G.964, G.965



If you really need the feature, but are not a programmer, you’ll need to find someone else to write the code for you. Luckily, there are many talented Asterisk developers out there that can be contacted on the asterisk-biz mailing list. You can also offer a bounty for a bug or new feature - see Asterisk Bug Bounties for more information.