Using my Asterisk server from outside


At my office I set up a quite simple Asterisk server. We use 4 Linksys SPA-941 phones and 2 Linksys SPA-2102 devices. Everything works fine.

My problem is that I’m trying to connect a 5th SPA-941 but from a remote location. I configure exactly the same way than the internal phones are, except I use the public host for my Asterisk server instead of its LAN IP address. My firewall is configured correctly (I think) to forward the ports to my Asterisk server.

Everything works well: receiving a call from an extension, calling an extension, receiving a call from a PSTN number… the ONLY thing that doesn’t work – and I really don’t understand why – is calling a PSTN number (ex: 514xxxxxx). I always get the following error at my Asterisk CLI screen:

[Jul 22 18:20:52] NOTICE[10773]: chan_sip.c:14033 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘’ to extension ‘514xxxxxxx’ rejected because extension not found.

I really tried everything: outbound proxies; STUN servers; NAT settings; anything works. My idea is that I get rejected at my VoIP provider because my device has a different IP address than my registered Asterisk server… could it be that?


  • Mike