Using Lua in Asterisk


Is the Lua language fully supported when doing stuff in the dailplan?

Is there a load-balancing method in Asterisk which allows for an incoming call to an extension to be transferred to one of x destinations, based on the amount of active calls to those destinations? Like always pick the destination with the least active calls? If not, then I already thought of an algorithm which kind of does this, but I’m required to be able to use features like a collection of keyvaluepairs, sorting this collection and sql calls(this I already know how-to-do).

It is fairly unlikely that anyone here knows anyting about LUA. If you have a free choice, I would use extensions.conf, style configuration, as that is the form for which support is most freely available.

Although there is some least recent and round robin scheduling in the queue application, Asterisk generally provides much lower level primitives, and you would have to implement load sharing, using explicit code, within the dialplan.