Extensions.conf and extensions.lua - simultaneously?

I’m hoping someone can give me guidance on how to specify complementary contexts and extensions in both extensions.conf and extensions.lua for the same running instance of Asterisk; or, to put it a bit differently, I’d like to prove that the following statement from (wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/A … figuration) means what I think it means:

[quote]Asterisk supports the ability to write dialplan instructions in the Lua programming language. This method can be used as an alternative to or in combination with extensions.conf and/or AEL.
Our setup:
We’re running Asterisk on Ubuntu 12.04, though we do plan to move to Asterisk 11 or a later LTS version at some point. We’re managing most aspects of the switch with FreePBX 2.10, so the various files in /etc/asterisk that describe extensions are expressed in extensions.conf syntax, but I’m doing a little research and discovery on the use of Lua, and I’ve been led to believe (based on the quote above as well as what I’ve read in “Asterisk:The Definitive Guide”) that it’s possible to express elements of the dialplan in Lua without cutting everything over to Lua in one go.

I’ve done my best to read through the Wiki, the O’Reilly book, and anything else I could find with the help of Google, but I’m stuck on how to actually get started. I thought that if I defined a unique named context (e.g. ‘lua_demo’) on the Lua side, I could jump to it from the dialplan side with something like ‘exten => *392,n,Goto(lua_demo,s,1)’ … but that bombed out. I think I’m missing the point of how you actually enter a dialplan, and I don’t understand Asterisk internals very well yet. So… maybe I should be using Dial() with a Local channel that starts in the named Lua context?

I can provide config files for anyone who wants to look through them to point out what I’m doing wrong, but my post is more about filling in holes in my conceptual understanding than asking for tech support, so tips or pointers would be fine.

Ok, an update.

In my attempt to better understand how pbx_lua and pbx_config coexist (and why I wasn’t seeing my Lua-specific context in the live dialplan) I came across a sample dialplan using the Switch => ‘Lua/’ directive, with which I was unfamiliar.

I then found a bug report (ASTERISK-18230) describing a situation affecting (at least) 1.8.5 where the merging of pbx_config information into a context defined by pbx_lua causes the context to disappear. That’s not necessarily what happened to me, but it made me wonder what would happen if I unloaded pbx_lua.so and reloaded it. I had mistakenly thought that pbx_lua.so was loaded, but it was not… I executed ‘module load pbx_lua.so’ and looked at the dialplan and - lo and behold - the ‘Lua/’ switch was there! I was then able to dial the extension I had defined in extensions.lua and the demo ran successfully.