Using Asterisk with libss7 as an STP

Is the functionality built into the current version of libss7 where Asterisk could behave as an STP? That is it will only receive ISUP signaling links and no bearer trunks in a quasi-associated fashion. I have set up fully associated links where speech and signaling are both connected to Asterisk using ISUP from the adjacent exchange. Thanks for your help in advance!

In other words, do I have to provide channel numbers for the b channel variables in either ss7.conf (chan_ss7) or chan_dahdi.conf (libss7)? Would it be acceptable to only supply the d channel or mtp2 variable for the signaling paths that I want to connect to the Asterisk box to make it perform like an STP? The bearer channel trunks would be on a separate physical E1 between the other two Asterisk boxes.