Using Asterisk to make test calls for a VOIP provider

I need to run periodic test on several Toll-free number providers to make sure there are no issues in specific geographical areas in US.

What I’m thinking of doing is setting up telephones with local numbers representing the major service markets and dialing them periodically to see if a particular provider is experiencing any issues in that area.

So far, I have two questions - 1) Can this work? 2) Can I use Asterisk to make it a software tool?

Any help will be much appreciated!

Upon some more research it looks like what I need is to originate the calls from a specific rate center… any advice on where to look for this capability?

Asterisk could do described jobs.
You should find provider for outgoing calls - you could look at:
Be aware - some providers could have special policy for calling toll free numbers.

Thank you!

Any other recommendations on additional providers?

Great list pmlco, thanks for that. I’ve been researching TONS for the last couple of months. That really helps.


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