Required help to configure Asterisk

Dear all,

Its my first post on Asterisk forum and I am newbie to manage Asterisk.

I have installed Asterisk and GoAutoDial CE 3.0 version and I am able to make a call between users defined in Asterisk sip and extension files.

Now I want to define one toll free number for Asterisk installation for US, therefore let me know what I can do get this done. If some one give me step by step information this so I can configure it.

I haven’t purchased any Virtual number or DIDWorld Number yet because I am unsure about it, therefore please let me know, steps need to be taken after installing Asterisk on my dedicated server.

Or is there any tollfree number provider who can provide number in very cheap rates.

Thank you in advance.

As you are using Goautodial call center suite you should use their GUI to configure your system including sip peers configuration, related to the Step by Step guides, these guides are usually written for common scenarios, but what you are requesting is something personalized , so you should address this request on the job section or hire a consultant

Related to VOIP providers nothing cheap on the Internet provides reliability and stability so you use well known companies like :…