Using Asterisk as a registration proxy

I need some advise:
I’m considering using Asterisk as a registration server(s). So at the end of the day I may have multiple registration servers and multiple media (Asterisk) servers. The one thing is that the media servers will contain queues, and i would need asterisk to “know” the sate of the extension like SIP/XXXXXXX. But of course if the extension is actually registered to the registration server, this sate would not be known. The dial command for the agent is easy enough to change - something like “Local/XXXXX@dial-reg-server” should be fine, but it would not be a usable system if the media server doesn’t know if the extension is in use or not. From what i know the queue can only get the sate of the extension from the device address like “SIP/XXXXX”.

Is there a way that the Registration server can automatically register with the media server, without having to add a “register” to the sip.conf. Also i would need it to have the same “sate” information carry over from the registration server to the media server?

Any advise for this?