Using an extension at more than 1 location

Some of my users have a requirement to use a desk phone and soft phone when out of the office but using the same extension. . I can set up the dial-plan to call both devices at the same time but this results in unwanted ringing of desk phones.

I am looking at an easy way for the user to login to an extension from a limited number of physical devices.

I am sure that this is a common requirement but I am not sure of the best way to do this.


Just have the dialplan dial the two devices one after another. One would think that the softphone would only be up when they are not at their deskphone. So dial the softphone first, then the desk phone. If the softphone isn’t online, it will proceed to the next line.

exten => 3333,1,Dial(SIP/soft3333,20)
exten => 3333,n,Dial(SIP/3333,20)
exten => 3333,n,Voicemail(3333@company,u)


If the user’s only going to be on the softphone when they’re out of the office, meaning that the softphone is normally not going to be available, why not try dialing the softphone first and then bail out to the deskphone if the dialstatus for the softphone is chanunavail?



Thanks, I’ll try that

What i do is just dial both, Dial(SIP/${DESKPHONE}&SIP/{SOFTPHONE},45). This will call both extensions at the same time.

Which is what he didn’t want to do.