Using 2 Different Digium Cards in 1 Box

Hi Guys

I am needing to know… We are moving premises soon and will be sharing premises with another company… We will have a BRI line installed and the exisiting company will have 2 analogue lines ( already there and using)…

I need to know, will it be possible to install a TDM22B card (2FXO and 2 FXS) and a BRI card in the same ASterisk box? Also I would need to have 2 seperate IVR’s, one for the BRI and one for the TDM22B card… Is this possible? The reason we are using the BRI is becuase we want to get CLID and a PRI is to big for our needs…

Would it be possible to use Direct Inward Dialing, to say if a call comes in on X number route it to the IVR specified by a number and if a call comes in a the TDM card it will go to the S extension? Will this work??

Any help would be appreciated…

General rule of thumb, only one card per box. I’ve not had much luck getting two to work in the same box. Mind you I could be wrong…

You’ve got the expensive parts of the system, just get a cheap pentium 4 for a few hundred bucks and both entities can have their own PBX. You can still tranfer between the two boxen with IAX.

three cards is a lot but it should work as the number of total channels is pretty low. just make sure each card has its own irq.

Yes you can put different lines in different ivr’s, by putting them into different contexts. You can do this per channel (in zapata.conf use context=> when defining channels) or using CLID (put all channels in a base context and then use exten => clid,1,Goto(that-ivr,s,1). (I think thats the right thing…)

General rule of thumb, only one card per box.

Ouch. I hope that’s not entirely true. I am planning to add a Sangoma A200 board to my system which currently has a Digium TDM400P, because the Digium board is unable to detect when a remote call (made over the PSTN) is answered, whereas the A200 claims to be able to detect that.

Anyone have experience with a TDM400P and an A200 in the same box?

I stand corrected.

Here is some info - yes it looks do-able: … interrupts

As long as they don’t share the same interrupts. I wish I had seen all this a month ago!

Mods, apologies for answering with the same roughly the data (copy+paste) -

This is slightly off the subject but eric-nh’s comment may answer a question I posted (incorrectly) on the developers’ board. I am not using a Digium board but I am using a clone X100P card and have a problem getting “play anouncement to called party” to work because Asterisk plays the message before the calle party picks up.

Can users confirm that the X100P card could be the cause (ie it is failing to detect that the remote call is answered)? If so, then Asterisk is not to blame and I can try a different solution (using SIP).

X100 clone cards are frequently to blame for a wide variety of issues.


if your problem is that you:

  1. dial a POTS channel
  2. want to play a message to whoever picks up as soon as they pick up, and
  3. the message starts playing as soon as the line starts ringing, not when the called person answers

then you have a very common problem and it is not related to your zaptel card. POTS lines do not signal that the call has been answered, so Zaptel consideres it ‘answered’ as soon as it’s done dialing. PRI and SIP lines do signal, the only way to tell is to notice that it isn’t ringing anymore…

It is possible to get this type of signalling on a POTS line, I believe the feature is called connect supervision. It works by reversing polarity when the call is answered (the same way it does for disconnect supervision). I believe some zaptel cards can detect this if you have the right option. However you will need to order this feature from your telephone company.

You might be better off to upgrade to a PRI line or VoIP service…

Thanks IronHelix, that is very helpful.