Users auto answer the call

hello all
i have a new asterisk, it simultaneous call to all users. now i want to users auto answer the call but i don’t know how to config…i hope you can help me!
thanks you so much

That is a function of the phone, not the PABX. Many SIP phones will auto answer when both the following apply:

  1. the feature is enabled in the phone (necessary because auto-answer is a security risk);
  2. a specific SIP header is sent, which may vary between brands, as it is not an official standard.

If both of these conditions can be met, in the phone,you can use SipAddHeader to meet the second one in Asterisk. Googling “sipaddheader autoanswer” may give some information for your phone.

I’m not aware of any way of doing this conditionally for non-SIP phones.