Auto-answer a phone

I have a Panasonic 5 handset phone connected to my asterisk server via SPA3102. Is it possible to configure the system such that it auto-answers when I dial an extension? I tried using the SipAddHeader with answer-after=0. However this did not work.

Thanks all for your time and effort.

If the SPA3102 is an ATA and the Panasonic is a normal analogue phone, the answer is no.

Thanks david55 for your quick reply. That is exactly how my system is configured. So, I would need an SIP phone if I want to use that feature, is that correct?

yes , you need ip phone . you can search for paging and intercom + ip phone model to find out how you can configure asterisk and ip phones you want to buy .

You will need a SIP phone that supports the feature. There doesn’t appear to be any RFC that defines Answer-After, so different brands may use different mechanisms.

Given the security implications of this feature, I would hope that all such phones would also require the phone to be configured to enable it, before it could be used.