User Input and auto Dial

How can we accept input from caller e.g mobile no. id no. and name and save it to asterisk database and schedule a auto dial to this saved mobile no. and play a recorded message after called party answer the auto dial.


Use the Read function to play a message and accept the dtmf into a variable. You could use DBPut and DBGet, but I’d recommend an external database like MySQL to store the values. You’ll need to write an external program (PHP, PERL, etc.) to read from the records you stored in the database and send the calls out via AMI or call files. You’ll probably also want a separate context to handle these calls. Use the crontab to schedule the program to run. I also use the AMD function to check if a human or machine answered.

There are multiples ways to achieve this task I have done it, using PHP + MYSQL and Manager action Originate

Also using bash scripting and Asterisk command asterisk -x “channel originate SIP/6001 extension 9999@somecontext”