User identification

Hello Asterisk world :smile:

I install and run a new asterisk installation success.

I have a smale Community who the users are can call a voicemail box for support. I search for a way for User (caller) identification.

is ist possible to use a API or something like this?

exemple : on Website the User get a Code. 12345

if the user call, Asterisk ask about the Code "please enter Code"
after success code is typed in, the Asterisk server get information about the Account

is something like this possible ?

Generally it would be the CTI server that fetched the information, but Asterisk could store the code into a variable, which could be accessed, using AMI, or pushed using system, curl, etc.

Yes it is possible. With a lot of coding for the customer management system with which Asterisk will interact (database or AMI are the best options in my opinion). I can’t think of any ready-to-go system that does that.

there are many ways to archive this task, for me the most simple is the use of the PHPAGI class, i did something similar,Authenticate user through a MYSQL DB. If you want a i can share my code