Use third party sip

Can we register one sip account(bsnl operator wings for india) on asterisk for incoming call by which we can give a number to asterisk for incoming call?


Your question is not clear. Asterisk can register with any number of SIP providers. It can also accept incoming calls directly from ISDN, over analogue lines, and using several other technologies.

The assignment of a PSTN number to this facility is a commercial issue to be discussed with your service provider. Over VoIP or ISDN, Asterisk can accept true direct in dialling, allowing multiple PSTN numbers to be associated with one physical connection, and identified as separate numbers, within Asterisk.

I am new for this. I have no much knowledge about sip provider and pstn number. Basically bsnl provide sip account for mobile number. Can I use same sip account for incoming on asterisk?

Bsnl operator - >mobile number - >sip account for same mobile no - >can I use this sip account on asterisk for incoming call ?


It is a commercial question that you must ask of bsnl. There is nothing in either SIP or Asterisk that locks an account into being used from only a mobile phone client.

It s not realated to bsnl. Can I use any third party sip account on asterisk. I mean such as call forworder for that account.

Are you getting my point?

Asterisk makes no restrictions on the accounts that you use. You can have 100 accounts, although I can’t imagine anyone doing that.

I think the difficulty with this question is that you should not need to ask it if you know enough about Asterisk to attempt doing it. Anyone trying to answer a confusing question asks why would someone need to ask that question, and will frame the answer based on what they think the reason was.

I know asterisk do not make any restrictions for account but here I am talking about third sip party account.

Let us consider you have sip server and you give me sip account. Can I use that account for receiving call on my server?
If it s possible how can I achieve that?

Which parameter need to change for that

Start with for typical settings, assuming your provider provides that service. There is a section on incoming calls slightly above this one.

The details will depend on both what you have already and the provider’s requirements.

Providers providing a service intended for this sort of use should be able to tell you how to configure Asterisk, although the often don’t use best practice.
Note that some providers aim at only serving single phones, so may not be cooperative with the user of Asterisk.

are you able to make outgoing call and incoming call using BSNL wing?
can we create local private exchange between 10 users using bsnl wing ?
we all will have same bsnl wing number for incoming and for outgoing but locally we can have diffrent numbers ?

Please start your own thread, on your specific subject, rather than hijacking a three year old one.

The little that their web site gives indicates to me that the service not intended for PABX use, and I cannot find the terms and conditions to see if it is legal to use it that way. You can probably make Asterisk work with it, but you are unlikely to get support from the service operator, and you really should be looking for a service intended for PABX use.