Use external extension as Voip Trunk


Im trying to configure asterisk in order to use one sip extension of another external server as local voip trunk.

Yes, there are a phone company that supply a router that haver sip extensions integrated and i try to use one of them as voip trunk of my asterisk server. This router have for example the *104 extension with a username and password that i can put in a softone (as Zoiper), and works fine.

Well i create a voip trunk in my digium GUI and configure:
PASSWORD: validatepassword
AUTHUSER: validateuser

With this configuration i can receive incoming calls but can’t make outgoing calls.

When I try to make a call, the respones is a direct hangout.

I believe that not is problema of the outgoing plan because i have another configuration that use a FXO and i can make external calls.

Is possible use an external extension of another server as voip trunk?

Someone can say me how i have to configure the voip trunk?


There is no GUI supported here. Asterisk GUI is end of life. FreePBX is supported elsewhere. Any commercial GUI is supported by commercial support channels.

VoIP trunks are not Asterisk concepts and neither are external extensions. These terms come from the GUI.

SIP has no real concept of trunk versus extension, Just treat it as though you were calling through an ITSP.