Asterisk Configuration trunk and extension


I have install asterisk on a server and i need help to configure a trunk and extension.
i have to create a DID +33484340110 to configure with the Trunk and the extension.

The following should be used
port : UDP 5060 and flux RTP > 1024

Codecs to use : G711A

Numerical format : +33XXXXXXXXX


Codec : A-LAW

Some body can help first time am using asterisk.

I already intall asterisk on a server and create an account.
need help to configure it. don’t know where to start.
first time am using it.

Please help

Everything you need to know to start with asterisk you can find here:

host=provider ip address

i don’t know what to put here

I use zoiper5 to make calls.

host Ip provider i dn’t know what to insert

Well, think its pretty clear…
We cant tell you the ip address of your sip provider… you should ask them.
Same for the userid and password…

You do know this part is the configuration for you sip provider… And not for your sip client.

You really should start with the information in the book…

For configuring your zoiper5… :