Use BOTH ports Mediatrix 2102

I have a mediatrix 2102 connected to asterisk 11.x , however this problem goes way back to probably asterisk 1.4

When I try to configure the second line on the mediatrix Asterisk complains about the registreation something like

user/auth mismatch
SIP registration from 202@ but digest says 201

I believe this is because both ATA ports use the same SIP port for both registrations. I see nowhere to change this and tried multiple times .

Does anyone use both ports of a Mediatrix 2102 on the same asterisk server?

I would vey mich line to use the secnd port on this rather than buy another ATA

Maybe the Mediatrix can do MGCP or other protocol that can be used with asterisk and that would solve the problem?

My mediatrix shows:
Mediatrix 2102 v5.0.31.260 SIP MIB Profile MX-S5000-05-R



It should work, I’ve done this with a 2102 before.

Are both your peers in sip.conf set as type=friend with host=dynamic ?

Yes they are

The problem seems to be that that both phone ports register from the same IP:port I see no way to change this in the mediatrix

This issue seems to be similar with one I faced with PAP2v2 in 2007…
Both ATA ports were using the same IP and port, so if my memory is still good the trick was to configure ‘insecure = invite’ for the ATA port which cannot dial.
Alternatively I believe you can use it without registration and work with it like it would be your SIP Trunk provider.