US based inbound DID providers

I currently use Voxbone ( for inbound DIDs. Does anyone else have any other recommendations on similar services, focused on providing bulk DIDs across the US?

The guy who runs the Nerdvittles blog recommends Telasip/VoipXpress. However, the website does not allow you to search area codes and an email to them requesting availability has gone unanswered for several days.

Never a good sign. What is great about Voxbone is they go as far as to provide a Web Service interface for automating the process of searching, intiating and disengaging phone numbers available with them. I am looking for something of similar quality to have alternatives to Voxbone, although they may stay my primary.

Came accross this while looking for Florida numbers:

They bill themselves as a “Wholesale DID Service Provider”. Might be interesting if you’re looking for bulk.

google for other people’s experiences of supertec/DIDx before signing up. they regularly feature as the subject of “bashing” on the asterisk-biz mailing list.

i think there’s also issues around the fact that if a wholesaler removes their DIDs from DIDx, and you have one of these, you lose it. period. will give you a free Washington state based DID. You need to direct it to a SIP URI though however asterisk can do that.