URI look a bit strange


We have a paging server from Cyberdata with Asterisk 14 PJSIP realtime
I have notice that the uri does not look like any other sip devices that we have…

Asterisk adds a long string after the port number. This what it looks like in our ps_contacts DB:


We have many products, Cisco,Audiocode,Polycom,Linksys, and the uri always end with the port number like theses:



The device is working great but I wonder if the string after the caret character is normal…

It’s how the data is stored in realtime. When read from the database the “^3B” is turned into “;” so the URI becomes “sip:PAGE_SERVER_1@;line=be5609d7b9fa8b5”. The “line” is a parameter and is fine to be there.

Thanx a lot.Even CyberData were not sure what to think of it…