Urgently need guidance: Creating custom solution to connect to personal mobile #

My dear friends at Asterisk-users@

I am relatively new to the IVR/PABX/VOIP programming world. just getting around to learn about Asterisk. Need some guidance on how to do this (see below). The system should be like this. A flower boquet service is the use case. The executive MD has published his personal mobile # for customer escalations.

  1. Mobile number of Executive Bob is let’s say configured with the IVR system via a auto-forward.
  2. Client Angry-customer calls 10 digit Mobile number of Executive Bob whose mobile has been published for customer escalations, he got this business card with the flowers when delivered.
  3. The IVR system re-directs the angry customers call immediately to Executive Bob.
  4. Client Angry customer- and Executive Bob talk. Bob listens to customer. Finally they realize the customer has to still pay 10$ for the package to be delivered. He realizes his mistake.
  5. Then Executive Bob wishes for the customer to quickly do some workflow (survey or payment for e.g). So he tells customer, please wait let me transfer you to an automated line so that you can do the needful. Bob perhaps punches some secret code to enable a IVR workflow. In this case a very short workflow follows (press 1 to submit feedback, press 2 to pay). Angry customer completes the workflow for 2, and pays using some stored account - credit card he already setup perhaps or over the phone.
  6. Upon completion, the angry customer and executive Bob are reconnected. The call is now recorded (fully under control of Bob, and a message plays “this call is now being recorded”).
  7. At the end, both parties hangup. The recording is available for later review.
    note: The entire system is PCI compliant (since we accept payments). If I have more executives in my flower department who can handle escalations I wish to add those mobile #s also to the list, sot hat customers can directly call the mobile #, and somehow the IVR system should be able to intervene in the middle.


This is perfect and you wanted to integrate with payment gateway, this we have done for many clients and can help you.
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