Urgent: Please help, realtime/mysql issues


We are currently developing a software/portal that integrates with asterisk at the backend for voip. User register in the portal, and we will have more than 20,000 users eventually. We have decided to use mysql + realtime for storing extensions and sip users.

We’ve been trying in vain to configure asterisk with mysql + realtime, as we are facing the following issue


“handle_response_peerpoke floods asterisk cli/console with notices, cli crashes”

We have no trouble configuring asterisk with mysql, it’s just that whenever we configure asterisk with mysql and register a sip client, the cli gets flooded with the message above and eventually crashes.

According to the issue logged, this happens in even the latest release version of asterisk 1.4.22 . We have tried 1.4.20 - 1.4.22 and they all have the same issues.

Can someone please post here if they have had any success configuring mysql + realtime without this issue? Can you please post here with the following:

  1. Asterisk Version
  2. Asterisk Addon Version
  3. Asterisk Zaptel Version
  4. Asterisk libpri version
  5. Mysql version used
  6. The correct mysql schema for asterisk extensions, sipusers etc as there are conflicting versions on the internet

Just for info, we are just using ztdummy and no other hardware.

Would appreciate any help, thanks.