Dropped calls and Connectivity problems

Hello. I’m running a asterisk system with the tdm400 and a TE110p card. I have been using this hardware for our company phone server for the past 8 months. Since I first installed it the number of users has grown a lot. We now have approximately 20 users in the office and 30 users in remote areas. We have recently begun to get dropped calls and connectivity problems. Any suggestions for what I can do to possibly lower the amount of bandwidth that each user uses while still maintaining a good quality sound? Also what do you recommend as far as specs for an office this size and growing? Suggestions about pc hardware? internet speeds? t1? Asterisk configuration? Upgrades? Seperate Servers? What is the recommended Maximum number of users? Any other suggestions are also appreciated. As always thanks for whatever info you can give me.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … mensioning may be of help.

boardcom / intel gigbit NIC???

You would want to go gigabit on cabling, switches, and NICs on * box, QoS on the LAN and WAN to prioritize voice packets over absolutely any & everything else, dual core 3.0Ghz Xeon with 10k RPM HDD, then perhaps G.729 codec and seperate Voice VLAN.