Upgrading v1.4 with zaptel to v1.8 with dahdi

Hi all,

I’ve searched the wiki to the best of my ability, but found no references to information on the best way to convert from v1.4 with zaptel to v1.8 using dahdi. I have an old Fedora system that’s been running fine for years, but it seems quite a bit has changed, and it doesn’t look as easy as I initially thought to upgrade.

My system is pretty basic. A few polycom phones connected to a Cablevision Optimum Voice business phone line. I have a few zaptel cards, although only one is being used, and there is now also only one phone line to the building.

Perhaps with such an easy setup I should look at one of the front-ends for asterisk, such as freepbx? We have some of our music-on-hold and voice prompts, but it’s otherwise pretty simple.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

We wrote a doc about it, which I can’t find a local copy of, but seems to be on the Internets here:

fonlogic.net/uploads/upgradi … i_v0-3.pdf