Upgrade from 1.0.9 to 1.2.10 and cdr_mysql.conf segfaults

Hi All,
I am trying to upgrade asterisk from 1.0.9 to 1.2.10. I have taken the "delete the old version completely " approach, installed zaptel 1.2.7 and libpri 1.2.3 beforehand and addons 1.2.3 after, and everything runs fine until… I create a default cdr_mysql.conf and I get a seg fault. I have the same install on another box and it works fine, what could be polluting my new install?
The old 1.0.9 talked to a local mysql 4 database on the same box.


no debug log to show us ?

“everything runs fine” … Asterisk runs, or the compilation goes OK ?

No, asterisk runs ok on the other serevr, I went back and upgraded asterisk 1 version at a time, got to 1.0.11 ok, but 1.2.0 with asterisk-addons-1.2.0 segfaults again on the mysql module load.
I am starting to think this might be related to the mysql libraries on my server.

Full debug log file shows nothing out of the ordinary, just the parsing of cdr_mysql.conf then nothing

that’s exactly where i would be looking too.


It was incompatable mysql libraries…