Updating remote party identity on attended transfer

Hi all

When a user A calls user B, which in turn transfers the call to user C (attended transfer), then the callerID of user B is shown on the display C although user C is now connected directly to user A. How can I get asterisk to update/change the callerID on the destination leg?

I tried to set sendrpid/trustrpid in sip.conf, which unfortunately showed no effects.

Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance!

By the way, I’m using snom-phones with Asterisk 1.6 branch.

I am not sure this is possible in 1.6 but this feature is available in 1.8.

Can you explain a bit more how this is possible to implement on Asterisk 1.8?

Snom use P-Asserted Identity, so you’ll have to set sendrpid=pai, not sendrpid=yes. Go ahead and set trustrpid and sendrpid in the general section as well as in the peer definition for each peer. It should happen automagically.

Is there any way to get it on Polycom phones, when transfer made through phone itself, not Asterisk features?

That’s the purpose of connected line updates. It works with Polycom phones; they should support rpid and pai.