Update callerID on trasfer

For example, if A calls B and the same transfers the call to a third user C, the field of the Called Phone A does not update correctly.
I tried to use the value sendrpid = yes in sip.conf fil but nothing to do about the caller does not update the display.
SIP can see the traces of the values ​​correctly update sent.
I was testing this feature cone of the phones series Snom300.
I tried to look at this post:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … nformation
but honestly I could not figure out how to manipulate the update of the caller id to the caller.


You can use this method (description is on russian, but Google translate can help).


I thank you for the tip, I’ll try even though I know that he starts from the assumption that the incoming caller prevent outside. At this point the problem persists between internal and internal

Method can be simply adopted to all variants.