Updating Asterisk configuration dynamically

hello guys,

I’m using “Asterisk” on FreeBSD. I wanted to know how to force asterisk to dynamically rereads its configuration files and updates itself without any delay or disconnection in active calls. (I have active calls on both E1 and Etherent lines)

i googled this and had no luck. I tried “module reload” and “dahdi restart” to update configuration, but this seems to end all active calls.

thank you.

Hi a Dahdi restart will drop calls, but you would only need to do that if you have made a configuration change to teh dahdi config.

module reload will not drop calls.

thank you for your reply.
What if we need a change in e1 configurations? suppose we have 2 E1 lines currently with lot’s of active calls, and we want to add a 3rd e1 line configuration to asterisk? Can’t we do this without calls on other two lines being dropped?

No, Unless you used a gateway, such as the Digium ones , normally you would schedule this work during a maintenance window.