Hot reload of Dial Options change

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We are curious if a hot reload (using “Apply Config” in Freepbx) of Dial Options, added Ww, to try and get on demand recording working, will cause calls to be dropped?

Asterisk 11.16.0
FreePBX 12

SIP trunk
IAX2 trunk
DAHDI with 2 PRI

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I recommend asking your question on the dedicated FreePBX community forum at

I would not expect making any configuration changes to drop calls in progress based on my knowledge of using asterisk without a management framework.

Thanks for the info. I have already submitted a request over at Freepbx. Just trying to get people’s opinions. Not mission critical. Thanks again

If FreePBX does nothing but change the config files/database, then issuing a “core reload”, “dialplan reload” or similar commands, your calls will NOT be dropped.

If FreePBX is written differently, and actually issues a “channel request hangup all” command, your calls will be dropped, samt if the asterisk process is restarted, instead of just reloading the configuration.

You won’t lose calls upon apply config

Thanks everyone, This was more of a sanity check so I was confident I could reload during the business day. Any other change would have not raised a question but working on the main routes had me guessing. In the end it worked like a charm. Thanks again

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