Updateconfig using AMI

Hello everyone,

I have a problem. I am using AMI to change some settings and to read the events from the asterisk machine.

I want to change the config files with the command UpdateConfig.
It works okay.
B.e. i am using next

action: updateconfig
reload: yes
srcfilename: test.conf
dstfilename: test.conf
Action-000000: update
Cat-000000: general
Var-000000: maxsecs
Value-000000: 500

Sofar okay. But the problem is: if I look into the test.conf file the command added a empty row after the value Maxsecs.
Everytime I use the command there is an extra line. So after 20 times changing 20 empty rows.
Do i do something wrong or is the problem already know by an other user??

many thanks for helping thinking.