UpdateConfig via AMI

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with UpdateConfig via AMI. How can I add a string “#include “filepath””?

Example (command):

action: updateconfig reload: no srcfilename: manager.conf dstfilename: manager.conf Action-000000: append Cat-000000: newuser Var-000000: secret Value-000000: nottelling

Result (file “manager.conf”):
secret = nottelling

I need smth like this:
#include “filepath”
secret = nottelling

How can I get that result?

Best Regards

Update the actual file and then reload the whole file.

Thank you for answer, but I have to add the string “#include “filepath”” into the file “manager.conf” with the command UpdateConfig. What category, variable and value should I specify?

I don’t believe that is supported as the include isn’t part of the configuration.