Unknown device

Hello everyone.
I have an Asterisks device, it works well, but I dont know the maker, and Id like to modify it adding new functions. I can use the terminal, using UNAME: Linux IXDP425 2.4.31-uc0 armv5b and ASTERISK -VR: on IPXD425 i686 Version. I can use WGET to upload files, and so on. Id like to add a conference function (maybe DAHDI and MEETME or CONFBRIDGE after an update), or something similar.
The device uses .IPK files (I have some for reinstall) like DD-WRT or NSLU2, but I dont know how to compile the modules (or Asterisk too) from XXX.c to XXX.so or make IPK files (I can istall IPK files). Unfortunately I cant use MAKE o GCC on board, I suppose IPK files were pre-compiled on another device and sent.
I have 8Mb available, but I can give more deleting unused files (esamples, bak, tmp, etc.) if need.
I tried to copy the module app_meetme.conf from another (quite similar I supposed) LInux distribution, but when I load it I got this error message “ELF file data encoding not big-endian”.
Does someone have some idead? :unamused: Or can compile for me the right files for this distribution (ARM cpu)? :bulb:

Thank you, MasterLog