Unique Call-ID not match SIP Channel ID


I noticed one strange thing that Unique Call-ID in logs do not match SIP channel ID.
For example:
[Jul 26 14:02:05] DTMF[120824][C-00001ea6]: channel.c:4103 __ast_read: DTMF begin ‘6’ received on SIP/cucm_India_cucm04pn-00001ea2

This is DTMF for the SIP channel “SIP/cucm_cucm04pn-00001ea2” but Call-ID is “C-00001ea6”, differ by 4.
cucm_cucm04pn is the peer(SIP Trunk for connectivity with VoIP Media switch) that we use for multiple calls to asterisk.

Is it normal that these two IDs do not match?

Yes, there is no guarantee they will match. A call can involve more than 1 channel.

Thanks for the explanation.