Understanding Manager Event while Ext Ring?

I try to find out clear Event of Incoming call when it’s ring on some extension. I need to know which ext Ring and what is CallerID. the problem is, the most event contain only one info, and I not find any methods to Link between Events, so I need Event that contain the Ext ring and CallerID together.

So I try inspect Events while a call come into queue from 201 ext and ring on ext 204:

here a result (without NewExtenEvents):

you can see that only Line 7: “NewStateEvent” contain the full info, the source of call 201 and destination Ring on 204.

but when I looking in simple call from 201 to 202 I see this info only on Dial event. it’s look like this:

Can someone explain it?
And how I can trap the ring event with full info for all situation?

It sounds like this may be a job for the UserEvent app. It allows you to broadcast an arbitrary event to the AMI connections with whatever data you require.

I used it in a couple situations where the built in events were just too fragmented to use effectively.

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +UserEvent

the q is where I can insert UserEvent? the ring from queue is internal operation, and how I trap it in DialPlan? or you suggest to I nsert it on Asterisk core?