Unble to pickup the call from PSTN

Hi All,

My sip phone,xlite or polycomip601 is unable to pickup the incoming call from PSTN.
eg. pstn incmoing call --IVR-- dial extension 3202, then on 3203 dialed *3203 without success but only get the busy tone.
*3xxx is my dialplan for pickup:

exten => _*3XXX,1,Pickup(${EXTEN:1}@hkinternal)
exten => _*3XXX,2,HangUp()

on asterisk cmd line i got the following message:

-- Executing [*3201@hkinternal:1] Pickup("SIP/3203-09df51c8", "3201@hkinternal") in new stack

[Jul 7 16:55:52] NOTICE[6872]: app_directed_pickup.c:159 pickup_exec: No target channel found for 3201.

But it work to pick up the call source from internal phones.

The asterisk i setup is 1.4.3 and using the TDM04P for pstn. I followed the instruction from archives.free.net.ph/message/200 … 82.en.html
without getting any effect on my issue.

Could someone please help?



Hey, could you please elaborate your problem?

I have had issues with my PSTN and TDM400P. While all internal functions were functioning, making and receiving calls through zaptel was (is) a problem.

If I dial my pstn line using my mobile phone, asterisk feels/picks the call but my mobile phone is still ringing. The call doesn’t go through.

Even when I direct it to an iax/sip extenstion, when I answer the extension, the call does not get picked up and the person dialling continues to hear ringing.

So, is that what you have and did you get a solutions?