Unable to use two vosk languages

Any one using vosk speech synthesis with two languages, In our scenario we want to use two languages simultaneously but only one is able to work at a time.

kindly review following details .

@reboot /usr/bin/docker run -d -p 2700:2700 alphacep/kaldi-hi:latest
@reboot /usr/bin/docker run -d -p 2701:2700 alphacep/kaldi-en-in:latest

how to use/setting two vosk docker/languages with res_speech_vosk

[root@10 ~]# cat /etc/asterisk/res_speech_vosk.conf
url = ws://localhost:2700

I assume the module comes from GitHub - alphacep/vosk-asterisk: Speech Recognition in Asterisk with Vosk Server, in that case the question is best addressed to the authors of the module. The module documentation is very simple, and not very detailed, but have a look at the README.md and the issues on the issue tab, that will usually address the most common questions, when no official support channel is available.

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