Unable to open asterisk home page

I am facing problem with my Asterisk is :

I cannot open homepage any time, it openes when i reboot box one two times, whether from SSH i am able to login to that, I noticed that while booting it takes too much time in starting sendmail, and etc modules,

Extension takes too much time to receive call, or dial out sometimes extension is free and absolutely ready to receive call then IVR gives message that extension is on phone, or not reachable.

Please help.

Asterisk has no home page.

Is this a TrixBox server? Using FreePBX?

Its trixbox freePBX

what are your hardware specs? what kind of connection are you using? And finnaly did you try a different network cable!.

For trixbox web interface to work correctly, it is dependent on httpd running. Check your processes and see if it is starting when you reboot. If not, you can start it manually and that should allow you to use the web interface again.