Unable to open Asterisk database


I’m an Asterisk newbie, and I’ve installed Asterisk 1.8 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. I’ve installed it according to the directions in The Definitive Guide.

One of the “warnings” or “error” messages that I keep getting is the following:

[Aug 22 12:43:30] WARNING[249]: db.c:115 dbinit: Unable to open Asterisk database ‘/Library/Application Support/Asterisk/astdb’: Permission denied

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that either some permissions need to be changed, or the space in the folder title “Application Support” needs to be eliminated.

Thoughts on this and how to resolve it?

I’d appreciate it. The warning just keeps repeating itself.

Many thanks!

Run Asterisk as root. It was designed to be run that way.

Otherwise find all the directories leading up to astdb and make sure they are accessible to the user under which Asterisk is running, and the file and, probably the deepest directory, is writeable to that user.

It is very unlikely that the person who chose to make the Mac package non-root is reading this forum.