Unable to Make Outgoing Calls


We are currently unable to make outgoing calls on our ZAP Trunks. When a call is made it rings three times and the call drops. Incoming calls work well.

Outgoing and incoming calls work well on our SIP trunks.

I tried to turn on debugging and verbose logging but no information is received when the problem occurs.

Here are the versions of what we are running:

Linux 2.6.18 (407.el5)
Elastix 2.5.0
FreePBX 2.81
Asterisk 11.17.1

Can someone help with resolving this?

Please post an output from the asterisk cli. With these only noone can help you.
Also what is your configuration in your Elastix box.
What trunks do you have, what outbound routes, what inbound routes. Post print screens if possible.