Unable to load pbx_config.so in Asterisk 16.6.1


I recently started working on asterisk 16 and getting a strange issue. I am using pjsip realtime and creating dialplan in extconfig config file. But asterisk is not able to read text-based dialplan because of that module.

I tried loading that module manually and via modules.conf but still not able to load that pbx_config.so module. File permissions look perfect too. I am getting this error when I try to load that module -
Nov 2 18:22:48] ERROR[1730] loader.c: pbx_config declined to load.
[Nov 3 23:29:38] VERBOSE[4477] loader.c: Loading pbx_config.so.
[Nov 3 23:29:39] ERROR[4477] loader.c: pbx_config declined to load.
[Nov 3 23:43:26] VERBOSE[4654] loader.c: Loading pbx_config.so.
[Nov 3 23:43:26] ERROR[4654] loader.c: pbx_config declined to load.

Please help me out to troubleshoot this issue. I would appreciate that.

Thank you

try creating extensions.conf file manually and then load the module again

Thank you very much. That solved the problem.

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