Unable to hear audio only when redirected to voicemail

I have a WebRTC client connected to Asterisk with a SIP trunk configured for Twilio. When I make a call from my WebRTC client to a Google Voice number and answer the call, I can hear the voice in both directions without any issues.

However, a strange issue occurs when I decline a call from the Google Voice end. Instead of hanging up the call immediately, Google Voice continues to ring for a while and then redirects me to the voicemail. Unfortunately, I cannot hear the voicemail prompt, even though MixMonitor records it. (I can here it in recorded wav file)

I would appreciate any insights or guidance on how to resolve this issue in Asterisk when Google Voice redirects to voicemail.

It appears that this issue is unrelated to Asterisk settings. The problem originates from my custom WebRTC client, where specific implementation details were causing difficulties with routing early media to the audio device.

For the benefit of others facing a similar problem: I am using SIP.js to build a web client, and I found that I needed to pass the following options when creating the Inviter object:

      otherProps: foo,
      earlyMedia: true,

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