Txfax and receipt

Hi all,

I have managed to get almost everything related to fax working. Here is my setup:

  1. All trunks are SIP.
  2. Running Asterisk 1.4.1, Spandsp 0.03 snapshot dated Dec 6,2006.
  3. Latest rxfax and txfax apps from soft-switch.

The receiving faxes are working with no issues. On the sending faxes front, I have created a PHP script, that checks a mailbox, gets its attachment and subject line, converts the attachment to proper format for txfax and creates a call file similar to:

SetVar: LOCALSTATIONID=416xxxyyzz
MaxRetries: 1
WaitTime: 20
Application: txfax
Data: $newfilename|caller|debug

Now while this works fine, there is of course no delivery receipt.

I have been playing with the dialplan, so that instead of calling txfax application from call file, I can call an extension, and then capture the txfax exit code. But so far I had no success.

Has any of you implemented txfax with a receipt? Any pointers?



fax+delivery receipt=email. but i tend to get a bit political.

i played with/wasted my time over faxing in asterisk for over a month, and found that any faxes beyond 2 pages became quickly corrupted and unreadable due to timing issues with telco’s and modems. my fax users will be given the option to scan and email documents to recipients, or scan and email documents to an efax system (limited use), but on the whole im trying to get my users to discontinue fax. its been around since the first worlds fair, used in conjunction with the telegraph, and is generally unreliable IMHO. :unamused:

Thanks for the rant, the discussion is not if the faxing is outdated though. IMHO, until emails are considered legal documents (they are to a certain extent) and everyone has access to emails, faxes are here to stay.

With that said, I have sent and received many faxes, with up to 10 pages so far and no readability or any other issues. It boils down to many components, but again, the question is not the reliability of the system, it is how to generate a delivery confirmation, similar to what Asterfax and others doing.