Two connections to Siemens S450IP (=1 sip client)?


I have a Siemens S450IP phone which supports several handsets and also supports making two simultaneous SIP calls at the same time.

Now I have configured Asterisk and hooked up this phone as a SIP client. When I’m on the phone and some one else calls us then they immediately get the answering machine instead of what I want: the other handset starts ringing.

How do I configure that asterisk allows two calls to/from this client before considering it to be ‘busy’ ?

Niels Basjes

Just to let you all know with the help of some friends I’ve found a workable solution for my home.

The Siemens phone can receive calls from several SIP accounts. So what I did I created two distinct SIP accounts. Let the phone login twice on the same asterisk server and in my extensions.conf I let both accounts ring when my number is dialed.

Only 2 silly side effects:

  • If I answer the phone I still get a missed call (from the ‘other’ account).
  • If I do not answer I get TWO missed calls of the same phone number at the same moment (from both accounts).

Like I said, this works for me.
If anyone has a better solution 'm open to suggestions.