Two asterisk systems on the same private LAN

I have two asterisk systems (one is a production asterisk system while the other is a test bed) running on the same private LAN sharing a single public IP Address. Obviously, this will create some ports conflict. On a test-bed asterisk system, I tried to change its default port of 5060 to new port of 5062 using defaultport=5062, but the sip show registry as well as sip show peers report all lines are registered with port 5060. Can anyone please tell me how to change the default port of 5060 on an asterisk system?

Hi Maz

Dont think that there is a setting such as default port.

there is though is bindport and also port=

the port setting is the port that asterisk will register to. for example set it to 5062 and it will register out to a peer on 5062 set the bindport to 5062 will cause asterisk to listen on 5062 for registeres to it



Thanks for you quick response. I tried the bindport=5062 and it seems to do some tricks, but not completely. Trying to add port=5062 one each peer seems to cause the line unable to register to the VoSP. As I recalled, I can use any ports other than 5060 on a Linksys PAP2v1 device to register to SIPPhone and/or other VoSPs that use the default 5060 port without any problem.